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Have you ever been treated unfairly at work due to your sex, gender, or color of your skin? Has discrimination ever affected your job performance or hurt your career? If so, you may be a victim of illegal and unfair job practices in Michigan. The parties responsible for violating your rights should be held accountable for their actions. At Marko Law, we are dedicated to defending the rights of victims of discrimination or harassment at work. If you need legal representation for a discrimination case, our legal team can help you with your case. We can listen to your story, help you build your case, and recover all damages against you. Contact Marko Law at (313) 777-7LAW and get a free consultation from our legal team. Get aggressive representation today for your discrimination case.

Employment Law Cases We Take On

Our law firm works with clients on a broad range of employment law cases in all types of work settings. We understand that your story is unique and deserves our full attention. As such, we dedicated ourselves fully to ensuring that you are compensated for your damages and that justice is served. Our legal team takes on clients in legal situations such as:

  • Breach of employment
  • Racial discrimination
  • Gender discrimination
  • Age discrimination
  • Religious discrimination
  • National origin discrimination
  • Marital status
  • Pregnancy discrimination

You may believe that your case is unimportant or that it’s impossible to take on your employer. Marko Law can give you the leverage you need to build your case and hold the guilty parties accountable for how they treated you on the job. Our law firm has extensive experience with employment law cases, including discrimination and harassment. Let our legal team go to work for you to help with your claim.

Put Our Proven Legal Services to Work for You

Going up against a corporation is not easy if you don’t know the legal system. To give your discrimination or harassment claim some weight, you need the support of a full legal team who can advocate for you in court. Marko Law’s legal services have a proven record of success. Our law firm in Genesee County, Michigan, can help you in the following ways:

Investigate Your Claim to Uncover the Facts

We use our resources to conduct a thorough investigation to uncover the facts of your story. We obtain documents, speak with witnesses, view video footage, and look at the company’s records with employees. We look for evidence that substantiates your claim and establishes the value of your damages.

Contact All Parties on Your Behalf

When it comes to legal matters, what you say can and will be used against you by the opposition. Therefore, we engage with all relevant parties on your behalf so that you are never put in a position to incriminate yourself. We speak with your employer, their attorney, any witnesses, and other related parties.

Prepare Your Case

Our team hits the ground running to develop a legal strategy and build your case. We gather all documents, look at the facts, and determine how best to win your case and what you should be compensated for. We handle all office work and manage your case from start to finish.

Negotiate a Settlement

If your employer admits fault and acknowledges that your rights have been violated, we can proceed with working out a settlement. We assess what your case is worth based on the sum of your personal and professional damages. Our goal is to get you the maximum compensation possible based on the facts of your case.

File a Lawsuit

If your employer denies any wrongdoing or offers a low settlement that does not reflect your losses, you may have the option of filing a lawsuit and taking your case to court. If so, our legal team is prepared to represent you before a judge or jury. At Marko Law, we offer comprehensive legal services for your case. We can handle every aspect of your case from start to finish so that you do not bear the emotional weight and stress of your claim alone. When it comes to taking on your employer, don’t go it alone. Contact us today at Contact Marko Law at (313) 777-7LAW to get legal representation.

What Damages Can I Claim in an Employment Law Case?

What your case is worth and what you can claim to depend on a wide range of factors, including the circumstances of your situation, the parties involved, and how your employer’s unfair actions affected your personal and professional life. While it is impossible to calculate the exact amount of your case value, our goal is to get you the maximum compensation possible for both your personal and professional losses.Damages you may be able to claim in an employment law case include.

  • Lost wages, bonuses, or tips
  • Lost future employment opportunities
  • Job search expenses
  • Emotional or mental trauma
  • Personal inconveniences
  • Loss of standard of living or joy of life

If our legal team can demonstrate that an employer, supervisor, or coworker intended to treat you unfairly or discriminate against you maliciously, you may also be entitled to receive punitive damages. For instance, if someone at work intentionally prevented you from advancing in your career or hurt your professional reputation, the judge may award you punitive damages. Our law firm can calculate all economic and non-economic losses to determine what your case is worth.

Statute of Limitations for Discrimination Cases in Michigan

According to the Michigan Department of Civil Rights (MDCR), you have 180 days to file a discrimination or unfair act case. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission gives you 300 days to file a claim. If you do not act before the deadline, you may no longer be eligible to file a claim.So, if you believe that you have a case, do not delay consulting an employment law attorney in Genesee County, Michigan. Mark Law can listen to your story, answer your questions, and address any concerns you have about moving forward with your case. We can also file all paperwork before the deadline so that you are eligible to file a claim.

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