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Civil Rights in Warren, Michigan

Advocating for Equal Treatment: Your Michigan Discrimination Attorney

Ensuring equal treatment under the law is a fundamental principle, regardless of race, ethnicity, or any other factor. While most law enforcement officers uphold this principle diligently, some unfortunately violate the civil rights of citizens, eroding trust in the justice system. At Marko Law, we are dedicated to maintaining fairness, effectiveness, and trustworthiness in law enforcement. By holding accountable those who engage in unlawful arrests, apprehensions, and violations, we send a clear message that discriminatory actions will not be tolerated.

Safeguarding Your Civil Rights: Michigan False Arrest Lawyer

Recognized for our successful track record in jury trials and securing millions for clients, Marko Law is highly regarded as a leading civil rights firm in Michigan. Our specialization in civil rights legislation extends to representing individuals and groups (in class actions) whose rights have been infringed upon. While the U.S. Constitution guarantees civil rights and personal freedoms, defending them in court can be complex. Our experienced attorneys excel in this area, having advocated for clients' civil rights for years.

Identifying Wrongful or Unlawful Arrest: Do You Have a Case?

To assert a claim of unlawful arrest, it's essential to demonstrate that a police officer exceeded their authority in one of these ways:

  1. Arrest Without Cause: One common claim in false arrest cases is violation of the Fourth Amendment, which safeguards against unreasonable search and seizure. For an arrest to be lawful, officers must have a warrant or have observed a misdemeanor or felony offense. If we can prove a lack of probable cause, the officer's arrest is unlawful.
  2. Excessive Force: If a police officer uses excessive force during apprehension, regardless of the arrest's legitimacy, they are in violation. Marko Law comprehends the criteria for probable cause, reasonable force, and other vital aspects in unlawful arrest cases.

Our comprehensive range of civil rights actions includes:

  • Unlawful arrest and wrongful conviction
  • Police misconduct and brutality
  • Unlawful search and seizures
  • Unconstitutional jail conditions
  • Hate crimes
  • Whistleblower rights and protection
  • Freedom of speech and association violations
  • Voter discrimination and illegal election practices

If you suspect your civil rights were violated, we'll assess your case and skillfully advocate or litigate to uphold those rights.

Challenging Discriminatory Detention: Holding Authorities Accountable

Despite legal equality, instances of police using race as a factor in arrests, detentions, and prosecutions persist. At Marko Law, we focus on racial discrimination cases, analyzing detention circumstances and officers' histories. If evidence of discrimination emerges, we'll tirelessly pursue accountability for the involved officer.

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