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Advocating for Equality: Backing Civil Rights with the Aid of a Discrimination Attorney in Warren, Michigan

It is the responsibility of authorities to ensure equal treatment of all individuals, regardless of race, ethnicity, or any other distinguishing factor. While the majority of law enforcement officers fulfill this duty diligently, there are instances where some violate the rights of numerous citizens, eroding the trust in the policing system. At Marko Law, we are dedicated to promoting fairness, reliability, and trustworthiness within the police force. By holding accountable those officers who engage in unlawful arrests, apprehensions, and other violations, we send a resolute message that discriminatory conduct will not be tolerated.

Defending Your Legal Rights: A Michigan Attorney Against False Arrests

Renowned for winning numerous jury trials and securing millions in compensation for our clients, Marko Law has earned a reputation as one of the leading civil rights firms in Michigan. Our specialization lies in civil rights law, as we represent both individual clients and groups involved in class actions where their civil rights have been violated.

The United States Constitution guarantees certain civil rights and individual freedoms to every American citizen. However, defending these rights in court can be complex and challenging. Our attorneys possess proven expertise in this field, boasting decades of experience successfully advocating for the civil rights of our clients.

Instances of Wrongful or Unlawful Arrest

When accusing an officer of unlawful arrest, it is crucial to demonstrate that they breached their authority in one of the following manners:

Arrest Without Cause: A common allegation in false arrest cases is that the officer violated your Fourth Amendment rights, which protect against unreasonable search and seizure. For an arrest to be lawful, an officer must possess a warrant or have personally witnessed you committing a misdemeanor or felony offense. If we can establish that the officer lacked sufficient grounds to believe you had committed an offense, they are guilty of arresting you without probable cause.

Excessive Force: If a police officer inflicts severe injuries upon you during an arrest, they are guilty of employing excessive force. This charge is independent of the reason for your arrest. Even if they had legitimate grounds to apprehend you, they are not justified in employing any level of force to effectuate the arrest.

At Marko Law, we possess a clear understanding of what constitutes probable cause, reasonable force, and other critical factors in unlawful arrest cases.

We frequently handle various civil rights actions, including:

1. Unlawful arrest and/or wrongful conviction

2. Police misconduct and brutality

3. Illegal search and seizures

4. Unconstitutional prison conditions

5. Hate crimes

6. Whistleblower rights and protection

7. Violations of freedom of speech and association

8. Voter discrimination and illegal election practices

If you believe your civil rights have been violated, we will investigate your case thoroughly and skillfully advocate or litigate to defend and preserve your rights.

Unjust Apprehension Due to Discrimination: Seeking Justice

Although in theory, all Michiganders are equal under the law, in practice, law enforcement officials often consider race as a factor in arrests, detentions, and prosecutions. At Marko Law, we pay close attention to cases involving racial discrimination. We scrutinize not only the specific circumstances of your apprehension but also the background and prior actions of the involved police officer. If we uncover evidence of discrimination, we will exhaust all avenues to hold the accountable officer responsible.

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