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Why Attorneys Refer Their
Cases to Marko Law

Our referral attorneys are always smiling knowing that Marko Law is taking care of their client and making them money. Our presence on any case will instantly increase the value, which benefits both the client and the referral attorney.

We cherish our relationships with our referral attorneys and our clients. Most of the referral attorneys we work with consider us the best litigation firm in the state of Michigan. Attorneys always tell us that as soon as defense counsel or the defendant insurance company is notified that we are involved in the case, their settlement offer immediately and substantially increases. And, the referring can sleep soundly knowing we are taking good care of his or her client.

We are an experienced trial firm, and if an attorney wishes to be involved in the litigation, and learn from the best in the business, Marko Law welcomes the opportunity to train them every step of the way by involving them in the strategy and litigation process of the case. We offer a specialized program for attorneys who wish to stay involved in the progress of the case, and always welcome opportunities to teach attorneys who wish to learn and be involved.

Marko Law complies with all Michigan rules when paying referral fees to other lawyers. The State Bar of Michigan has authorized lawyers to share fees on a case as long as the client agrees to the arrangement. There is no extra charge to the client as the referral fee always comes out of our attorney fee.

The amount of the referral fee percentage agreed to depends on the individual circumstances of each case and is determined on a case-by-case basis. It is often found that, by involving Marko Law in their case, the result of the case increases not only the net amount to the client, but larger fees to the referral attorney, due to the increased value provided by Marko Law.

Feel free to contact Marko Law to discuss any case, regardless of whether or not we get involved, we will be happy to help and offer any sort of advice. By even following our advice, free of charge, you will find that the insurance company and defendant will most likely be willing to pay more to settle the case.

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We’ve paid out multiple six and seven-figure referral fees to our referral partners.


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