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Fight Against Discrimination with Marko Law

Discrimination based on differences in appearance, sex, or culture is not only unethical but also illegal. At Marko Law, located in Warren, Michigan, we are committed to assisting victims of discrimination. Our team of dedicated employment law attorneys can review your claim, build a strong case, and aggressively pursue a fair settlement to ensure justice is served.

Fight Discrimination with Marko Law

If you have experienced discrimination, whether in the form of unfair employment practices, targeting physical characteristics, or intolerance towards your cultural identity, we are here to help. Contact Marko Law at (313) 777-7LAW for a free consultation with our experienced legal team. Let us provide you with aggressive representation in your discrimination case.

Types of Discrimination Cases We Handle

At Marko Law, we handle a wide range of employment law cases involving unfair or unethical business practices. We understand that each case is unique and requires individual attention. Some common types of discrimination cases we handle include:

1. Breach of employment

2. Racial discrimination

3. Gender discrimination

4. Age discrimination

5. Religious discrimination

6. National origin discrimination

7. Sexual discrimination

8. Marital status discrimination

9. Pregnancy discrimination

Many instances of discrimination go unreported due to victims feeling overwhelmed or lacking proper legal representation. We believe that every individual deserves to have their voice heard and explore their legal options. Our experienced legal team has helped numerous clients obtain the justice they deserve, and we are here to support you as well.

How Marko Law Can Assist You

While no attorney can guarantee the outcome of a case, having the right legal support significantly increases your chances of obtaining a fair settlement. Marko Law offers comprehensive legal services that cover all aspects of your discrimination case. Here's how our law firm can assist you:

1. Investigating Your Claim:

Our team can conduct a thorough investigation of your case, gathering relevant documents, speaking with witnesses, and even visiting the worksite to uncover evidence of unfair practices or discrimination.

2. Engaging All Parties:

As your attorneys, we can handle communications with all parties involved, ensuring that you are never in a position to incriminate yourself. We can engage with your employer, witnesses, attorneys, and other related entities on your behalf.

3. Preparing and Building Your Case:

Once you decide to move forward with your case, our team will develop a legal strategy that supports your claim and helps you secure the compensation you deserve for all damages. We take care of all clerical duties and manage your case from start to finish.

4. Negotiating a Fair Settlement:

We can assess the value of your case based on the sum of your losses and negotiate a fair and just settlement with your employer. Our experienced attorneys will present the facts, outline your damages, and work towards reaching a satisfactory agreement.

5. Representing You in Court:

While most employment law cases are settled out of court, if we are unable to reach a settlement with your employer or their insurance company, we are prepared to file a lawsuit and represent you in court.

Comprehensive Legal Services:

At Marko Law, we offer comprehensive legal services to ensure that you do not bear the emotional weight and stress of your discrimination claim alone. Contact us today at (313) 777-7LAW for expert legal representation.

Damages in Employment Law Cases:

The compensation you may receive and the value of your claim depend on the circumstances of your case, the parties involved, and how their actions affected your personal and professional life. While it is challenging to calculate the exact worth of your case, our legal team at Marko Law will work diligently to secure the maximum compensation possible for your losses.

Compensatory damages that you may be eligible to claim include:

- Lost wages, bonuses, or tips

- Lost future employment opportunities

- Job search expenses

- Emotional or mental trauma

- Personal inconveniences

- Loss of standard of living or joy of life

In cases where it can be demonstrated that the employer, supervisor, or coworker intentionally treated you unfairly or engaged in malicious discrimination, you may also be entitled to receive punitive damages. These damages aim to punish the wrongdoer and deter future misconduct.

Understanding the Statute of Limitations

In Michigan, you have 180 days to file a discrimination or unfair act case according to the Michigan Department of Civil Rights (MDCR). The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission allows 300 days for filing a claim. To ensure you remain eligible to file a claim, it is crucial to consult an employment law attorney without delay.

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If you believe you have a discrimination case, contact Marko Law today. Allow us to represent you as you seek justice and fair compensation for the damages you have suffered. Call (313) 777-7LAW today to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced employment law attorneys in Warren, Michigan.

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